A Sneak Peak Into How A Weed Vape Pen Works

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They are the most technologically advanced devices that allow you to get high during a movie break or while partying with friends. This vape pen is so sleek and compact that you can easily carry it with you wherever you go. In this article, we will discuss about the different components of a weed vape pen, their functions, and how they come together to deliver an effective result. 

The vape pens have a heating chamber inside the unit which heats cannabis in a temperature between 300-450 degrees Fahrenheit. Upon heating, the psychoactive THC and other components are converted into airborne droplets that form the vapor or smoke. The vape pens use a battery-powered heating unit to cook the cannabis oil which is mixed with a substance to reduce its viscosity.

The first prototype of the modern vape pen was designed by a Chinese pharmacist. It was invented by Hon Lik and the patents are now with Imperial Tobacco. This device worked by vaporizing the liquid concentrate into a gaseous state with the help of high-frequency ultrasonic vibration.

Typically, a vape pen comprises of four different units and they are as follows: 

The Tank 

The chamber that holds the cannabis oil, wax or concentrates is usually known as the tank, if it is refillable. If it is designed only for single use then it is called a cartridge. The tank may sometimes be combined with an atomizer to form one single unit. In most vape pens, the tanks are made from polycarbonate plastic, but stainless steel or glass tanks can also be seen.

The Atomizer 

The vape pen also includes a tiny heater to cook the cannabis, and it is known as an atomizer. You can find different versions of atomizers in the market and some fancy ones are known as clearomizers, cartomizers, etc. However, the basic function of all atomizers remains the same. Although small in size, these heating elements can convert any type of liquid to cannabis vapor. 

When you put a little cannabis oil on the heating element, it becomes an atomizer. When the atomizers are surrounded by polyfill material which helps in keeping it saturated, it becomes a cartomizer. When you drip oil on the atomizer using a silica wick from a separate tank, it can be labeled as a clearomizer. The wick may be replaced by a steel mesh, cotton or other types of premium materials

Software and Sensors 

Most of the modern day weed vape pens come with a push button which must be pressed five times to turn it on. There are some vaporizers that get activated automatically when the user inhales from it. Both methods require sensors that enable the device to get a signal when the user inhales or pushes the button 5 times. The embedded software within the device controls various functions of the pen. 


The batteries must fit into the small body of the weed vape pen and still produce enough power to get heated to 400 degrees in just a few seconds. They are powered by lithium ion batteries, just like your mobile phone or other smart devices. 

When these components are put together and some cannabis is placed in the tank, the vape pen will produce thick cannabinoid-rich smoke.